Zuiderlicht. Agency for strategy and design.

There's more to design than designing. Design is always based on a clear strategy. We believe that design helps you to realise your ambitions. Design forges your brand, your digital communication and your story-lines into a single powerful entity. Since 1986, Zuiderlicht has specialised in:

brand design  (brand identity, logo, corporate identity)
digital design & technology  (websites, interaction, digital services) 
communication design  (publications, campaigns, content)

Since 1986

Brand Design

Ensures recognition and sets you apart

Want to enhance awareness, visibility or image? Then a strong brand is indispensable. With one face that radiates the same values everywhere and at all times. Our approach is effective. We summarise your brand values, promise and strategy in an inspiring brand story about the why, how and what of your brand. Based on that, we design a brand identity, which increases the impact of your brand.

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Digital Design & Technology

Lets digital services excel

Your customer is online 24/7. He or she can access you at the click of a mouse, and disappear just as quickly. How do you engage him? By not just telling him what you can do, but by helping immediately. To facilitate that valuable (preferably seamless) contact, we use our expertise in user research, visual and interaction design, web technology, SEO, content, conversion and system integration.

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Communication Design

Makes stories relevant and convincing

In terms of content, your website, newsletter, magazine, campaign and social media must reinforce each other. So that your story stands out among thousands of messages a day. That's why we create relevant content that makes your customers search you out. And that is interesting enough to share. This calls for knowledge of the target group, and skills in storytelling, image and technology. We give your story its best form, in the best context.

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